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The Post-It Note Man

Around 2021 I started to write memories of my late father on Post-It notes.

I’d struggled with fading memories for a long time, and I think as a part of the never-ending mourning process and as a way to clutch onto him, I started to document these memories. Some were of things we did together when i was very you. Some were more abstract; the contents of his pockets that would be scattered on his bedside table sometimes. I started to build this picture of my Dad, made from memories, and then an idea for something more came from it. A sort of story.

So I sat down one sunday morning and started writing it, with the aid of my Post-It notes. A few hours later i had a very short story. It basically fell out of me. I’ve never written anything so quicky.

I showed to to a few members of my Family and close friends, and pretty much unanimously they all said i should try and get it published. That seemed like a bit of a leap, so i decided to print up a few copies and try and sell them for Charity. I did so, making around £300 for the NHS Charities.

That was that.

But it’s something I’ve grown proud of. My first ‘proper’ bit of writing, which some people got something from.

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea that it could be a piece of art in itself.

It’s very personal to me, but i think it resonates with a lot of people who’ve lost someone close to them.

I saw that Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield were running a group show titled ‘Lost Love’, exploring themes of grief and loss. It seemed like an ideal opportunity to explore what The Post-It Note man could perhaps become, so i submitted it – and was accepted.

So several copies of The Post-It Note man will be on a plinth at the gallery throughout the exhibition, along with some ballpoint pens and stacks of Post-It Notes.

I’m really interested to see if visitors engage with it; as art is generally not to be touched, will they even pick it up and read it? Will they go a step further and write a memory on a Post-It Note and stick it to the wall. I would love it if a Post-It Note man (or person) gradually appears on the gallery wall. It’s an experiment though, so we’ll see.

The Lost Love show runs from 31st January 2024 to 15th February 2024

More information can be found via the galleries website.

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