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Hobson’s Choice

For a long time I strove to replicate the portals and their functionality, with my main aim being travel. I had initially intended to warn those back home, until my understanding of the fundamentals of travel led me to understand that that was a fruitless endeavour.

I did eventually master all of the skills needed to replicate the portals, but in doing so my pursuit of that goal was controlled, almost blindly, by the adherence to what I believed were the fundamental tenets of this science; three portals, three totems. Three paths to three places, all connected. 

It was only after I realised that the science, abilities and skills needed to travel were not locked by these tenets, that I truly understood the implications.

Indeed, in doing so I found myself in more than one or two troublesome situations, the most noteworthy being several hundred rotations stuck in a loop of my own creation; two doors – one travelling five heartbeats ahead, the other travelling five heartbeats back.

This ordeal was in fact what led me to the realisation that the rules and laws I had been working within the confines of were merely guides. Had it not been for that realisation, I may still be there, pacing between those two doorways.




Acrylic on Panel


18 x 23 cm