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Diverge 02

It was the only thing from the Pod that she couldnt bear to leave behind when she left.

It wasnt the most important. The Oracle was more important than anything; according to the Oracle. But she’d learned all she could from The Oracle; she wanted to learn about the outside.

She’d packed supplies, planned a route, and made ready to set out. Out and away; to a new home. Her own home. When she’d made the decision to leave, it felt right. No second guessing, no uncertainty, just right. She couldnt wait to get out of the Pod. The Oracle protested of course. She would miss the damn thing not one bit.

But she couldnt leave the totem. She just couldnt. It had a pull; a hold on her. She hated it, hated everything about the Pod – but she simply couldnt leave it behind.

Of course she’d regretted it after walking a mile. The damned thing weighed more then everything else in her pack.

The Oracle was unusually vague about the Totem. “The Totem is necessary for travel”.

Great. Thanks. Very Helpful.

Damn Oracle had chapters as thick as her thumb on the many hundreds of different types of clouds, of which not a single one had appeared in the boiling sky for her entire fourteen rotations; but only a single line on the Totem.

Damn Oracle. Damn Pod. Damn Totem.

So, Totem at the bottom of her pack, buzzing its quiet buzz, she travelled.




Cast Jesmonite, Oxidised Iron & Coal Dust


10 x 9 x 9 cm